Ricky K. U'Ren
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Richard B. U'Ren
Customer Satisfaction has been our Family's #1 priority for 80 Years and we will continue that legacy for many years to come.
Richard B. U'Ren II
Richard B. U'Ren - Founder of Sound & Power in 1929
Richard (Dick) B. U'Ren II
Founder of R.B. U'Ren Equipment Inc.

He was a great man, a master electrician and a true visionary, he was one of the first to rent emergency generators to the public and helped design a custom built bucket truck in 1955.

He was also a one of a kind leader of his company who inspired creative, innovative thinking and a true workforce comprised of real teamwork.

 Your great personality is missed by many- R.I.P.
Current Staff

Rick U'Ren(Left) - President

Marilyn U'Ren - Vice President

Ed Hall - Shop Manager

Lenny Beck - Parts and Supplies Manager

Chris Bensch - Sales Manager

Serving the Western New York Area since 1929!
24 Hour Emergency Service 1-800-330-UREN(8736)

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